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28/11/86 - Goal for 'own goal' bomber
The Guardian

A member of the British National Party who blew himself upwith a home-made bomb near the offices of the Workers Revolutionary Party was gaoled for three years yesterday.

At the Old Bailey Antony Lecomber, aged 25, a former bodyguard to the BNP's leader, John Tyndall, was cleared of making an explosive device intending to endanger life.

The jury decided that Lecomber, of Brisbane Road, IIford, a production supervisor at Ford's Dagenham plant, had not built the bomb for any political use. It rejected the prosecution's claim that the bomb was at the WRP's headquarters in Clapham.

Lecomber was convicted of making 10 grenades, seven detonators, two petrol bombs, and a bomb in a biscuit tin.

Philip Kersey, aged 24, a mortuary technician, of Canterbury Place, Walworth, South London, was cleared of aiding Lecomber to make explosives.

Mr Antony Longden, prosecuting, said Lecomber was arrestedin hospital after the bomb packed with nails and hidden in a biscuit tin short-circuited and blew up in his car. Lecomber told the jury that he had been experimenting.
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